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the lib is no longer suported i guess :s

first post: morpher wrote: Hello, i just wanna know if the lib is supported

Visible property desn't work

first post: morpher wrote: Me again ^^ i post all my mistakes i found cause im becoming usin...

Z-Index doesn't work :s

first post: morpher wrote: Hi, i just want to say that the ZIndex property doesn't work at a...

can't add a controle to the manager

first post: morpher wrote: Hi there, i like so much the design and all what the bib give as ...

latest post: morpher wrote: Hi, Well, i've found another solution a bit ugly but it work ^^ i c...

Focus Issue

first post: mattbettcher wrote: Great job first off! The only thing I noticed is that when moving ...


first post: JeffSventora wrote: Love this project. I would really love to know how to create a the...

Very impressive

first post: Furiant wrote: I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts on this project. I've...

Neat, Needs more Documentation on Theming

first post: Squizzle wrote: Needs more documentation on how to make themes.

Wow at last nice simeple gui to use!!!!

first post: tridex wrote: Thnaks will keep up with this project ... Have you thought of sc...

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